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Middle Tennessee Business Brokers Help Buyers and Sellers Connect

Helping Business Buyers and Sellers Connect

Whether you are looking to buy an additional business, sell your existing business or merge with an existing business, the Middle Tennessee Business Broker Team can assist you in all facets of the transaction. As a network of business brokers with the industry leader in sales, Middle Tennessee Business Brokers can effectively use the Internet, along with other means of advertising, to network with literally hundreds of buyers and sellers throughout the country. This cooperating feature increases your business’s exposure and maximizes your value.

Why Should You Use Middle Tennessee Business Brokers?

Experience business brokering at the highest level.   Middle Tennessee Business Brokers has positioned itself on many quality websites that feature business sales and merger acquisitions opportunities.  Middle Tennessee Business Brokers internet presence and computerized systems provide access to thousands of financially qualified buyers throughout the U.S. and internationally. Since 1979, our network has specialized in the privately owned business ranging in value from $20,000 to $20 million.  Middle Tennessee Business Brokers provides each of its owner-clients with a comprehensive Marketing Action Plan that is designed to sell the business for top market value. The plan includes:

  • Competitive price and terms
  • A business profile for buyer presentation
  • Advertising tailored to specific buyer markets
  • Qualifying all buyers before presenting the business
  • Coordination of all activities necessary for a successful contract closing

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Middle Tennessee Business Brokers are proud members of The Smyrna Independent Networking Group and Nolensville Area Business Network
Middle Tennessee Business Brokers are proud members of Rutherford Chamber of Commerce, Rutherford Independent Networking Group and Rutherford Business Builders